Sizing Chart

UK/AUS USA EUR Chest/Bust Waist Hip Girth* Inside leg**
6 UK/AUS 2 USA 36 EUR 75-80cm 60-65cm 83-88cm 130cm-137cm 68.5cm
8 UK/AUS 4 USA 38 EUR 80-85cm 65-70cm 88-93cm 137-144cm 69cm
10 UK/AUS 6 USA 40 EUR 85-90cm 70-75cm 93-98cm 144-151cm 69.5cm
12 UK/AUS 8 USA 42 EUR 90-95cm 75-80cm 98-105cm 151-158cm 70cm
14 UK/AUS 10 USA 44 EUR 95-100cm 80-85cm 105-110cm 158-165cm 70.5cm
16 UK/AUS 12 USA 46 EUR 100-105cm 85-90cm 110-115cm 165-172cm 71cm
18 UK/AUS 14 USA 48 EUR 105-115cm 90-98cm 115-120cm 172-180cm 71.5cm
20 UK/AUS 16 USA 50 EUR 115-120cm 98-100cm 120-125cm 180cm-186cm 72cm
22 UK/AUS 18 USA 52 EUR 120-125cm 100-105cm 125-135cm 186cm-192cm 72cm
*Girth is measured from shoulder, taking the tape measure through the legs and then up to the opposite shoulder.
**Inside leg is the length measurement down the inside of your leg from crotch to ankle bone
Unsure about your size - happy for you to email us your measurements so we can make sure it's a perfect fit for you!