Summer Essential: The Dry Body Brush

The dry body brush will become your best friend coming into summer, with benefits that go way beyond the surface.  Brushing the skin has the ability to unclog pores, exfoliate and brighten the skin, while smoothing and softening.  This old beauty hack also works a treat on dimishing cellulite.  Try adding dry body brushing into your morning routine to leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated.  A perfect way to start the day!

Our exfoliation regime includes:

The Hydrea Dry Skin Body Brush.. made from natural Cactus bristles we recommend starting at your feet and working your way up. Always brush towards your heart in a gentle circular motion.

Vanessa Megan Love Scrub..  with ingredients like sea salt, coconut oil and organic rose petals what is not to love?

With your skin looking, smelling, feeling great you can slip into the Mermaid Swirls Bikini and hit the beach.  Pair with the Capri Cape to make a real statement for those post beach cocktails.


Image courtesy of Free People Blog

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