Your After 8 Bag

The problem with purses and clutches is that even though they're so much more glamorous (and sparkly) than your everyday handbag they are so much smaller in size meaning you have to pack smart.

Urban Prima Mulberry Gold Clutch

You'll need:
1. Lipgloss - For regular touch ups during the night. We are obsessed with the shine on the new Rouge Allure Gloss from CHANEL

2. Blotting Papers - Too ensure you stay fresh-faced all night.
3. Bandaids - You don't want to be left on the sidelines while everyone else is waltzing around the dance floor.
4. Mints - For that surprise midnight kiss.
5. Bobby Pins - From putting up your fringe to managing wardrobe malfunctions these things are essential!
6. Compact Mirror - In case the bathrooms are crowded.

Now that you've got your bag ready you need the outfit to match! Pop on the Solis Backless dress and you're ready to go!

Also isn't this the cutest clutch ever? Pop on over to Mulberry and pick up yours now

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