7 awesome tips for date night dressing

Every Urban Prima needs a couple of tips to dress for the perfect date night!  You need to feel a million dollars for your special night out, even if you go out often with your beau - you still can follow a few steps to make sure that every occasion is a special one.

1. Make sure you feel flattering in what you choose, don't dress focus on dressing for others, make sure you feel great in what you are wearing.  Generally stick to more is less for date night to keep it classy and derisable.

2. Great underwear - I always say this but starting from the very first layer, make sure it counts.

3. Don't make it too tricky to undress ... .  Not too many loops and catches and zippers.

4. Try stylish mid length pencil skirt flattering on mostly all shapes and sizes and is easily dressed up ... or down.

5. Comfortable shoes!  As always make sure you can walk easily in your pick of shoe - especially on date night!

6. An easy to carry satchel bag so that you can easily pop you items in your bag

7. Some great lip gloss with a natural make up, don't go overboard on date night make up, keep it stylish and natural - let your true beauty shine.

These are the top Urban Prima picks - the swizzle skirt - which pulls easily on matched back with the FrouFrou Frills top with matching belt. 

Or the super simple yet elegant Solis backless dress.

Stylish and yet so easy.  Remember for any event, the real beauty is you, your attitude and how you feel on the inside...so channel some inner date night vibes and have a great night! x C

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