Dress to impress - your "how to" guide

I am often asked to attend gala, black tie events and I thought I would put together a bit of an "ultimate guide" to having a remarkable gala event ensemble.  Everything from managing your time, what accessories to add as well as hair and make-up tips.

Firstly if I am going to be at a gala event, it is the chance to dress up.  If like me this doesn't happen every day, I like to make the most of it and really go all out!  Out of the two collections with Urban Prima the best black tie gowns are Sparkle Droplet gala skirt and top, the Etoile One shouldered dress and the Millie V top and Maxi.  Take your pick!  The Etoile is great if you want to wear a good strapless bra and looks lovely on all sizes. 

If the event starts at 7pm I work backwards and know that I have to be in taxi by (x) time.  That is your deadline.  If you are lucky enough to book in hair and make-up, I often have someone come to the house (the amazing Kelly Beer from Stefan Professional is my top choice!).  Otherwise get ready - here is my list:

1. Have a great long shower - pamper, wash hair etc

2. Apply a good non-white marking deodorant, hair up in towel drying while you start with face moisturizers, body creams etc

3. Never skimp on a nice set of underwear! All of the dresses I have mentioned here are not tight around the bottom area - you don't need specific underwear.  So you can wear something nice.  (How about featured beautiful Chantal Thomass! Link here)

4. Dressing gown on and start drying off your hair.  When towel dry, continue with make-up

5. A heavy foundation for an evening event (make sure it is the right colour and you are applying with good lights!).  As you want it to stay on all night you need to apply wisely with good coverage.  You can certainly afford to go with dark smokey eyes for an evening event, then depending - a light lip shade - or for a real glamour night you can go with a bright red.  Heavy mascara good eyeliner, don't forget to shape your brows as well and give some definition.  Matched with the right level of blush. Personally I cannot apply fake lashes well under my general 1 hour to get ready time constraints - hence I do get a professional to the house for the big occasions.

6. Finish hair.  If I am on a tight schedule I will quickly do a swept fishtail plait to one side, or an elegant up bun, if you have lots of time get the curlers/wand/straighteners out for the soft curls.  Please watch a tutorial if you need tips on this!

7.Put on the dress - final check.  Front AND back.

8.Don't overdo the jewellery with any of the Urban Prima sequinned dresses - these are statement pieces alone and don't need extras.  Simple drop diamond / diamante / crystal earrings will be elegant enough.  (What about an easy Adorne piece featured  click here for details)

9. Prepare your satchel bag.  I love a small baguette style clutch bag for evenings.  Get tickets ready, tissues, lippie, phone keys etc. (Love my Longchamp bags!  See link here)

10. At this point when I have finished touching everything and am ready I will put on nail polish.  I figure if I don't have time it is not essential which is why I leave it to the very end.  I can then let it dry in the taxi (I only ever use a quick dry being so time pressed!)

11. Shoes. I love a comfortable shoe that I can wear all night easily and be standing mingling for long periods.  Nothing goes past a Nine West peep toe for comfort, height, and style.  (Click here for the link)

And voila you are ready!

At the end of the day what makes a woman stunning when entering a gala event is the confidence you have.  Remember stepping out of the taxi, or walking into that room, that it is your confidence and a bright smile that people will find the most beautiful. 

Be an Urban Prima ... inside and out x C


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