How to build a timeless and elegant wardrobe

Anyone who knows me, is not surprised that I have garments in my wardrobe that I bought in 1999 which I still love to wear to this day (despite having moved multiple times around the globe and having to give away bulk amounts of belongings to fit into removal containers). 

I am selective about what items I buy (and hence design!) in making sure they will last through many trends and fads and can easily be accessorised differently to make a whole new look. 

I went to a luncheon where Rachel Zoe presented and she clearly stated "do not follow a fashion trend just for the sake of it".

So my top tips are:

1. Pick carefully, if you can't see an item easily being worn with other things currently in your wardrobe, either buy a matching article to make a set to give you more options to wear it, or don't buy it at all. The reason I have so many timeless items is that I choose wisely, and think of building on what I already have with an addition, or starting a new little collection where I buy a couple of matching pieces.

2. Do not underestimate the importance of accessories!  Take the Lexie Sparkle leggings and the FrouFrou top for example. This could be worn with flats, a neck scarf,  some big 60's style sunglasses and an oversized bag for a dressy luncheon number.  Or match these items with stilettos, big drop earrings, fake lashes, heavy make up and a baguette clutch, and you are all set for an evening out...all with the same two items.  Accessories are amazing!  (Have a look at the pics to see what a huge difference some simple accessory changes can make - definitely a key to a timeless wardrobe is being creative with the same pieces adding bits of current trending colours into your additions)


3. Leggings are my staple as I don't tend to wear jeans.  I find them so much more comfortable, and unlike jeans I can easily layer them up - wear them under a skirt for a totally different look.  I always have a staple legging that sees me through the seasons, and slots in where jeans would otherwise appear. 

4. A classic black wrap that can convert from day to night (say no more!).  For example ... my fav piece the Willow Wrap dress.

5. Underwear.  Again a bit like accessories this can easily be forgotten.  Nothing goes past beautiful undergarments that make you feel every bit the woman that you are.  A great bra can make all the difference in a top, not only does it make a difference with how you look, but being stunning from the first layer makes you feel like a real "Urban Prima".

These are just my main points. Follow the blog in the following weeks where I will go into more detail about the classical items that you can fit into your wardrobe, and have a look better at my fav accessory choices. 

Awaken the star ladies xx C


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