Soi-Même ... To be yourself!

Soi-Même in French literally means ‘to be one’s self’. This range is about having fun with what you wear and feeling free to be yourself and love what you are wearing because of the confidence it inspires in you. I love bringing a bit of the sparkle and the swirly glamorous fun into outfits, and this range certainly has all of these elements. For the Eiffel Swirl print, I took inspiration from the Eiffel Tower and all the years I lived in Paris with this beauty just down the road. I love the stark grey metal, matched with such precious detail in the swirls.

I based the print around this, and nicely captured the Urban Prima (UP) icon into the design. Nudes are really the base colour with blacks, two colours that I don’t think you can go wrong with, and that you can feel yourself while wearing them. I am all for cherishing beauty on the inside and out, and this range is about being yourself, and bringing out that beautiful feminine luxurious side that is in all women. I hope you love Soi-Même as much as I do!

 #UrbanPrima #Awakenthestar #SoiMeme

xx Carly

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