URBAN PRIMA ... a star is born!

Growing up around such beautiful fabrics, sewing machines and seamstress mother, I have always been blessed that I could have anything made whenever I wanted in a huge array of our own fabrics. It was so much fun that I could design great outfits, formal dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses for events and have them made at the click of my fingers. Now as an adult, I continue to have this urge to design the garments I love. For many years people have commented on my clothes, and I have decided to make a little collection and offer my favourite pieces to women who want to buy and love them as much as I do.


Urban Prima—what does the name mean?

Being half French and half Australian, the first challenge was finding a brand name that sounds great in both languages. On top of that I wanted something totally feminine and luxurious that felt exactly how I feel when wearing my clothes. Then to add another complexity...  I wanted to bring an element of dance into the name, as the origins or Urban Prima and the manufacturing team come from a  thirty-year history of making dance and performance wear and most of the fabrics I've selected are superb stage textiles. When I mixed the Urban with the Prima … it just felt right. Knowing that [Prima] Ballerina brought such an image of extreme dedication, perfection and elegance, matched with the "Urban" - keeping it real for the modern day woman, it just seemed right.  So Urban Prima was born!


The soul of Urban Prima is ethical and sustainable. 

I wanted most of all to create clothes I could be proud of, not a mass produced item that will end up on sale at the end of the season. These special items are made just for you, in Australia by our brilliant talented sewers. So often I am told that manufacturing in Australia is dead, that it’s just not possible to continue manufacturing on shore. I have spoken with some greats in the industry, and they all chorus the same thing. Well I beg to differ!  We have a practical manufacturing area in Mansfield, Queensland, where we employ a team of sewers, pattern makers, cutters and designers, all headed by a very talented production manager Amanda who has been working with these fabrics sewing with our companies for over 8 years.


 I think there is room for Australian-made, and I believe the public is looking for options apart from the mass produced fashions. I am here to provide a luxurious, boutique solution to those who care about sustainably made fashion in Australia, and ethical sewing right here on our doorstep. I hope you join the revolution!

So with all this in mind...I got to the sketch board and we brought Urban Prima to life.  It has been a passionate project that has taken up many of my nights, but I am so proud ,and I know my team is as well, of the stunning products we can present as being part of our range.  We hope you love them too!



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xx Carly

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