A Book a Day

Have you ever considered starting a book club with you and your closest girlfriends? I've recently just joined a book club and I can't believe how great I feel! 

Reading is the perfect way to relax and rewind after a long day of work. It is even more therapeutic when accompanied with a group of close friends and a cheeky glass of wine or two! To get you started, Catherine McKenzie, the leader of three online book clubs, has recommended 3 of her favourite books to read in tandem with your club members!

1. The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
When the daughter of a prominent public figure is abducted as part of an extortion plot, her family falls apart. 

2. The Banks of Certain Rivers by Jon Harrison.
There’s also a reason this debut has a 4.4 star average rating on Amazon - the beautiful writing and page-turning plot. 

3. The Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh.
You could spend a whole book club discussing how synesthesia (being able to taste or smell words) might affect you and your perceptions.

And what should you wear when playing the role of a perfect, comfortable hostess? The Urban Prima Bichette tutu and this cute Chloe blouse of course!

Enjoy your new novels! And if you find a great new book my new group should try make sure you message me! I'd love to hear about it.

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